From fleece to fashion, Wooldancer creates cutting edge handspun art yarn and wearable fibre-art accessories.

Michelle celebrates the art of spinning yarn using sustainable & traditional practices with a modern twist.  Her eclectic threads are beautiful in form and function.  You will find One of a Kind Art Yarn for fibre lovers and beautiful contemporary fibre jewelery.

: About the Maker:

I am a fibre-artist, yarn designer, mama and teacher.  The act of making yarn by hand, of spinning an idea into form, inspires my work.

Fashion is imminently personal & I believe in making cloth that is as individual as the people who wear it.  Each thread holds a story, a journey, a discovery, an inspiration.

I love the tactile quality of fibre, the journey of making cloth, the rhythmic process of connecting threads.  I identify with my process as “slow cloth”, akin to the Slow Food movement.   Wearing one-of-a-kind handmade textiles is also an expression away from mass-produced factory-made garments. Being involved as maker & designer along each step of the process imbibes the quality of handmade into my work which is not apparent in mass-made alternatives.

Inspired by natural movements & cycles in nature, I find the process of making functional & beautiful forms out of raw natural fibre satisfies my own creative cycles. The twists & undulations that occur as I spin yarn are the elements I seek to emphasize when designing new pieces. Each yarn thread fashions the outcome.

Handmade yarn & cloth fullfil an essential need for warmth & protection.  My pieces are testament to the connectedness I seek from both the process of ‘making’ & the function of ‘wearing’ cloth.

I enjoy the expressive function of making yarn threads as a sculptural form, and believe yarn can be admired as a form to display in its own right, as well as a useful supply from which to create garments.  I work by pushing my own technical boundaries when forming the yarn. There is a fusion of skillful technique in construction & design, yet there is always an element of magic too!

★ Faux Silk Article in YARN magazine, Issue 14 p.17-20
★ Awarded 1st place for Art Yarn, Australian Wool Show 2009; Highly Commended 2010
★ Published in the book ‘Intertwined’ by Lexi Boeger, available at most bookstores.


Wooldancer Art Yarn & textiles are a kaleidoscope of colour, texture & individual style.  Each yarn & wearable item are made individually for people  who like to make fashion personal.

Every handspun skein of yarn is unique unto itself, so you can be certain to create yourself a unique accessory too!

I choose to use certified organic merino wool and locally grown fibres.  I use dyes that have minimum impact on the environment & minimal water waste.

Wondering what to do with a skein of Art Yarn?
– Drape the skein around your shoulders & let the threads do the talking
– Pop it in a vase & admire as a center-piece.
– You can also make a scarf or hat with it .. Knit, crochet or weave Your story into the thread.
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100% Handmade in Australia. All items & photos ©2010 Michelle Snowdon.

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