Porteña is a girl from Buenos Aires (which is a port town, ergo the nickname) who moved to Oz in 2003 looking for adventure. Paper Conservator by day and self-taught artisan by night, she enjoys small, fiddly, well done jobs. Porteña’s style is simple, urban and clean lined, reminiscent of the pieces that can be bought from artisans in the markets and streets of Buenos Aires.

The wire pieces are made using alpacca (also known as nickel silver or german silver, even though it does not contain any silver!). It’s a metal alloy of copper, zinc and nickel that looks like slightly yellowed silver with the advantage that it does not tarnish over time. The fish hooks are sterling silver, because nickel allergies should not stop anyone from wearing lovely earrings! They are also handmade, of course. All pieces are made using pliers, hammer, stones and semi precious stones, beads, glass, crystals and beautiful seeds.

Porteña enjoys playing with glass tiles, hammered copper shapes and paint of late. Paperweights, rings, pendants and earrings are happening. Some are elegant, some delicate, bright, gaudy and sometimes a bit silly. All are original and lots of fun to make. She can use your favourite images if you want to.
Porteña can make things to order, like pieces in particular colours or with your favourite motifs. Paperweights with your own images  make excellent wedding favours, for example. Have a look, see what you would like, and drop her an email at dominique.moussou@gmail.com, or at https://www.facebook.com/portenajewellery
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